About Us

SIJET was founded by Carlos Cobas after capitalizing a vast experience in the Aviation Industry, for more than 15 years. His knowledge; dedication and passion for the industry, have enabled him to provide users with a service and quality oriented; and operational safety alternative, in line with the optimization of resources.

Its main business is oriented to private charter flights service provision, meeting different type of needs. Such as business, pleasure, group travel, medical and cargo flights.




Sijet Aviation is a company born as Airbroker, with the purpose of offering its clients the most appropriate aircraft for the flight they wish to make, accompanied by a totally personalized and excellent service that makes their flight a different experience.



Position SIJET as benchmark in the Aviation Industry, not only as Airbroker but also as an aeronautical solutions provider, such as: aircraft management and consulting. Based on common values, such as: service quality and resources optimization. Being able to reach more and more clients is essential, but it is even more important that those customers choose SIJET.



SIJET has been developed through fundamental pillars, such as: service quality, operational safety and resources optimization. These values are unalterable when offering all of its services.

Carlos Cobas

Founding partner of SIJET AVIATION