Purchase / sale and aircraft administration

Purchase / sale and aircraft administration services

At SIJET we offer our clients comprehensive advice, given by specialized professionals, during the aircraft purchase and/or sale process.

The local and international aviation market has a wide range of aircrafts, and complex variables that must be considered purchasing your perfect aircraft. It should be taken into account, amongst other things, the intended use of it; most frequent destinations; number of regular passengers; available budget, and some other necessary technical specificities to carry out an adequate analysis and selection process.

Once the type of aircraft and model have been established, the next step is to determine how your aircraft operations will be managed and by whom. We can help you.

In addition, at Sijet we have experience in this type of service. We know and understand that each client requires a flexible and adaptable administration, adequate to their own needs and objectives. Which is why our service is personalized, while complying with our ethical; security; quality and efficiency values.